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Fatboy Bolleke


Twinkle, twinkle hanging light…

Designed with a smile, the Bolleke creates light wherever you like.

Bolleke is a creation from Dutch designer, Nathalie Schellekens. For the loop, she was inspired by the hair elastics and sailing binder smart systems. The name comes from the round ball shape; Bolleke in Dutch.




Cordless, portable and rechargeable.

Creating light wherever you like! The design gives all the elementary components for light to flourish. When illuminated, the iconic round shape resembles a pearl. Thanks to its even contours, Bolleke creates uniform light in any space. Light is equally distributed throughout the entire lamp. A technology specially designed by Fatboy.

The soft rubber silicon buttons are subtly integrated into the design. They match the colour of the loop, which was inspired by the hair elastics and sailing smart systems. You can tie Bolleke as easily as your hair or the sail on a yacht. With three different light settings, Bolleke stands out against any backdrop. This makes Bolleke a stylish and smart light that is at home anywhere.

***This product comes with a charging cable, but without an adapter. The charging cable has an USB connection. Use the adapter of your mobile phone, a Fatboy adapter or connect the USB cable to your computer. Adapter max 5V 1amp. If you charge your product with an adapter that does not meet these conditions, this may affect the battery.


Silicone rubber


Water- and dirt repellent

Outdoor & Indoor

24 hours to 6 hours

Dimensions and Additional Info

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 in

anthracite, dark ocean, industrial green, lemon, light grey, red

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