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Foxford – Beleek Cashmere Throw

$250.00 $199.00

The Foxford throw is the next best thing to a hug 🙂 When traveling is limited, your space can still be filled with luxurious, pure items to enrich your home.

This gorgeous Cashmere throw is woven in an oxford grey and white herringbone pattern and finished with a roll fringe. Made from 5% Cashmere and 95% Lambswool.

Dry clean only.


The story of Foxford Woollen Mills has woven a tale throughout the world since 1892. Located in County Mayo, Ireland on the banks of River Moy and the majestic peaks of the Ox and Nephin Mountains, Sister Agnes was the industrious woman who started it all. She used her vision to service the poverty-stricken village with the River Moy to power the mills, which are still being used over a century later.

Originally the wool came from sheep on the banks of the River Moy, however due to the wild Atlantic climate the Irish wool is actually too coarse and scratchy in texture. Present day Foxford blankets, are made from a variety of different types of wool including lambswool, merino, mohair and cashmere.

The lambswool and merino are sourced from sheep. Merino is a particular breed of sheep, mainly raised in Australia and New Zealand for their very fine soft wool.

Mohair and cashmere are sourced from goats. Mohair is fine and fluffy in texture, coming from the angora goat. Cashmere is very soft and luxurious, coming from the kashmir goat.

Dimensions and Additional Info

Weight 1.87 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 43 in

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