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Tadé Polished Alum Stone 100g


Natural alum deodorant made up of natural alum stone crystals.  Alum stone is free of ammonium, hydrochloride, hydroxide and aluminum.  100% mineral, non-toxic, biodegradable and suitable for all skin types.


Wet the stone and pass it gently over the skin, to deposit a film of salt. One application guarantees 24 hour protection. Very economical, it is almost indestructible. Its string allows you to keep it well in hand and hanging, very dry!
Pure Potassium Alum is suitable for all skin types.
Fragrance-free, it very effectively regulates perspiration and prevents the development of odors while letting the skin breathe naturally.
It dissipates razor burn and hair removal, providing freshness and softness.


A true 100% mineral panacea, this translucent stone is non-toxic, practical and economical. Biodegradable, allergen-free, it is suitable for all skin types.

The odorless deodorant is a solid alum stone: when wet, the stone deposits a film of salt which limits the development of odors and lets the skin breathe naturally. Keep dry.

the stone dries up minor bleeding, relieves razor burn, and hair removal. The Tadé alum, provides freshness, softness and efficiency.

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